Dead Horses

I know I just wrote about this the other day, but I feel like I need to come back to it. I don’t know, the older I get, the more this kind of thing makes me angry.

I’m talking about women. Well, more specifically, how people view women, talk to women, behave around and towards women, how people market (or don’t market) to women. This kind of stuff has been getting a lot of attention lately, and I think that that’s a good thing. We live in a remarkably interconnected world these days, and alienating essentially half of the entire human population of the world can’t be a good idea.

I can’t fathom it. I simply do not understand. What the hell is so scary about women? This is the 21st century, for Chrissake, and we can’t even get our government to admit that women should be paid the same amount as men for the same work. We live in a place where a woman can be banned from her constitutionally protected right to free speech because she made some men uncomfortable. Bonus irony points to that last example because the women was speaking out against reproductive legislation. All the good I can say is at least they didn’t call her a prostitute for it.

I’m just boggled, I guess. I can see that this is happening; I just don’t know know why this is happening. So, if someone wants to explain it to me, I’m all ears.


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