Football and Cookies

Well, Andrew left for Italy today.  Well, technically, he’s still in Miami right now, but he’s about to board for his overnight trans-atlantic for Milan.  He’ll be gone for two weeks.  Since I’m way too pregnant to go with him, and no one was comfortable with me staying by myself, I’ve set up shop at my parents’ house.

We’ve had a very pleasant day of hanging out and watching football.  Except for Mom.  She’s one of those people who’s not very good at sitting still for any amount of time.  She cooked us breakfast, ran some errands, did a little bit of yard work, and baked some cookies.  While they were still warm from the oven, she brought me two.  One for each baby, she said.  It made me happy.

But seriously.  Football.  I’m a fairly enthusiastic fan of the University of Alabama (Roll Tide).  As an example, my official estimated due date for these little monsters is Dec. 12.  I’m almost more concerned about not being able to stretch my Alabama maternity shirt over my ever-growing belly for the whole season than I am about pre-term labor.  Andrew, bless him, worries about my stress level during games.  He doesn’t want me to get so excited/worried that I hurt myself.  I told him to take it up with Saban, because I’m watching my games.  Just please, God, don’t let me deliver during the Alabama-Auburn game!

But the game’s on now, so I’m gonna have to go now.


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