Of Big Bellies and Pre-Gaming

First, the funny stuff.

I hadn’t really thought that I’d gotten much bigger since the last time I’d had my belly measured at the doctor’s office about 4 weeks ago.  I hadn’t developed any new stretch marks and I didn’t think I looked much different.  So, when I got to my parents’ house a couple of days ago, I decided I’d borrow one of my mom’s measuring tapes and check that action out.   This measurement isn’t hard to do, you just measure from the pubic bone to the top of the uterus in centimeters.  For the average woman with a single baby pregnancy, the number you get should be around the number week gestation you are, give or take one to three.  So, for a singleton pregnancy sharing a due date with me, normal would be about 22 – 28 centimeters.

I measured 41 centimeters.  All I could do was laugh and laugh.

And just a moment ago, Andrew decided he would pitch wadded up tissues and napkins at me, consistently hitting me in the belly.  When I asked what the hell he was doing, he replied that he was playing catch with the babies.  How could I stay annoyed with a response like that?

In other news, it’s one of the best days of the year.  Why, you ask?  Because college football kicks off today, that’s why!  Of course, my beloved Tide doesn’t play until Saturday.   I consider today’s and tomorrow’s games to be pre-game.  But Jen, you say, isn’t silly to pre-game a game with other games?  To which I reply, didn’t you pre-game the bar by drinking at home when you were in college?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

My baby shower in Birmingham is next weekend.  I’m super-excited to see a lot of my old friends, and most of my family.  I’ve decided that I do not want to play stupid shower games at my own damn shower, so we’re not going to have any of that nonsense.  Just food and conversation like the adults we are.  And, of course, gobs of presents for me!  Ha ha ha!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this installment.  Kbai!


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