Purpose statement? Do I need one of those?

So, yeah.  About me, I guess.

Hmm.  Ok.  So, I’m 25 years old.  I live with my fiance, Andrew, not too far outside Atlanta.  Tomorrow, we’ll have been together two years.  We’re expecting twin boys some time in November.  Well, hopefully November, because twins can be a little unpredictable with their arrival dates, and anything before November would be a little too early for my comfort level.

I know, I know, you’re thinking: dear God, please not another boring baby blog filled with meaningless kick counts and detailed descriptions of baby’s first BM.  That sort of blog is not my goal.  Yes, there will be entries with somewhat boring statistical information on how well the babies are growing, and how huge and uncomfortable I’m getting.  And after they’re born, I imagine there will be stories about their hitting certain milestones, maybe even a brief birth story.  After all, this blog is as much for me as it is for you, and I need to keep my future mother-in-law happy.

And, you know, I am excited about these kids, these two little strangers I have growing inside me.  I’m looking forward to meeting them.  And I’m pretty amped up about this new superpower I’ve developed (the ability to grow humans).  I think the whole thing is pretty damn cool.

But I don’t expect that babies are the only things I’m going to be writing about around here.  Because while my proto-children are a huge (get it? Huge? Because my belly’s so big? I kill me!) part of my life and a lot of what I do revolves around them, they are not the only good and worthwhile things I have going for me.  They are not the only things in this world worth talking about.

So don’t despair, general public and casual acquaintances!  There is hope!


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